10 Best Streaming Services, According to Reddit (2024)

Over the past few years, the number of video streaming services available for subscription has increased drastically. The household staple Netflix has since been challenged by a number of other services. Consumers now have a plethora of options to satisfy their cravings for movie and TV binges, including Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+ and many more. However, each platform has something different to offer and a price tag attached to it.

With all the choices to decide between, customers must weigh in many different factors to make their decision. The worth of a streaming service subscription can be dependent on components such as price, selection of series and movies, bundle offers, and more. Users on the popular social media platform Reddit have a reputation for being opinionated, and they haven't shied away from sharing their perspectives on which streaming services are worth the subscription.

1 Netflix

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Netflix was a trailblazing streaming service and is the most subscribed to streaming platform in 2023. Netflix offers a variety of television shows, movies and documentaries in several different genres. In the US, Netflix has four plans which allow users unlimited access to all of the service's content. Prices range from $6.99/month for the Basic with Ads tier to $19.00 a month for the Premium option.

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New content from around the world is very regularly released on Netflix and consumers are most enticed by the thousands of titles available to instantly watch. Reddit user beam3475 expressed that Netflix is their favorite streaming service because of that. "Netflix is the best all-rounder. It's got a little bit of everything from all over the world," they said. Many other Redditors tend to agree that Netflix is a must-have because of its wide selection.

2 HBO Max

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HBO Max has caught movie watchers' attention with their vast catalog, but the streaming service most notably recognized for their breakout shows and successful titles. Massively popular television shows like Game of Thrones, Succession and Euphoria are available on the site alongside fan-favorite movies like Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Ox. The streaming service is offered at $9.99/month for the 'With Ads' plan or $15.99/month for the 'Without Ads' plan.

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Numerous Redditors have enthusiastically expressed support for HBO Max's show selection, which has been praised for having an incredible catalog of shows. "HBO Max has The Wire and Sopranos. Two of the greatest shows of all time," stated Redditor tametargaryen23. The user also complimented HBO for making films newly released in theaters available on the service immediately.

3 Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is known to rival Netflix with its wealth of original content. Amazon Prime Video also supports offline downloads, parental controls and the ability to create up to six different profile per account. Amazon Prime users have access to the ad-free version of Amazon Prime Video alongside free shipping on most purchases. If a user doesn't wish to purchase a full Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Video can be available at a starting price of $8.99/month as a standalone.

Different streaming services can be fitting to different people dependent on their preference in movie and show genre. Some of Prime Video's top titles are Invincible and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, but Redditor MercilessShadow also pointed out that Amazon Prime offers a great selection of horror movies if that's what viewers enjoy.

4 Apple TV+

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Apple TV+ is a streaming service that launched in late 2019 that features a range of exclusive TV shows and movies. Beloved shows like Ted Lasso, Severance, and Dickenson have enticed users to sign up for the affordable $4.99/month cost. Apple TV+ has no ad supported plans and all titles are available to be downloaded for offline viewing.

Several Redditors are aligned in thinking that Apply TV+ has a great selection of shows that are worth the subscription fee. User jogoso2014 made sure to comment on the platform's fee, saying that it has "an amazing deal at this point." In a competitive market of streaming services, price cannot be overlooked, and Apple TV+ low cost cannot be beat.

5 Hulu

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Hulu is one of the most popular premium streaming services in 2023. Hulu has gained respect by launching Emmy-winning series like The Handmaid's Tale alongside other popular titles. Hulu's plans start at the basic ad-based option for $5.99/month. The streaming service's model also gives users the options of add-ons like Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and Starz.

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Hulu is considered a dependable streaming platform in the Reddit community. User elsawah fondly expressed their liking for the service, saying "honestly surprised at how good the interface is, probably tied with Netflix for me. The library is amazing as well." No one wants to struggle to navigate a platform when looking for a show to wind down to. An easy experience alongside a great selection is a combo that's absolutely necessary in a streaming platform.

6 Disney+

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Disney+ is an American subscription service which distributes films and series produced by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, StarWars, National Geographic, and Star. By leveraging all of these very popular brands, the platform has become a tough competitor in the streaming wars. Disney+ has become a favorite of families worldwide because of the many kid-friendly options. Disney+ has a limited time offer for an ad-based plan at $6.99 for the first three months which auto-renews for $7.99/month.

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Disney being a huge conglomerate with ownership of many studios gives Disney+ the luxury of offering exclusive access to countless shows, movies and documentaries. Redditor CheesyObserver stated Disney+ to be their streaming service of choice because of this, comically saying that it "Has my favourite interface and a wide library thanks to the mouse owning almost everything."

7 Peaco*ck TV

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Peaco*ck is an American streaming service with over 20 million subscribers. Peaco*ck does not just provide classic dramas and comedies, it is also well-respected for its impressive live-sports offering. Many US soccer fans turn to Peaco*ck to stream games, as the Premier League is exclusively streamed there for half of the season. Peaco*ck's plans start at $4.99/month.

Peaco*ck is often overshadowed by the fame of platforms like Netflix or Disney+, but its unique offerings have recently been catching the eyes of Redditors online. User underthemoonlight08 took note that Peaco*ck "has some great originals and you can watch it for free up to a certain amount of hours." In a world where streaming movies and TV gets expensive, any amount of free content is a perk.

8 Tubi

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Tubi is an American ad-supported streaming service owned by Fox Corporation. It's the only free app on the list, yet still has a large library of over 50,000 television shows and movies. Tubi features award-winning titles from reputable studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, and many more.

A cost-free streaming platform easily catches anyone's attention, but its huge selection aids in making the service very respectable. Due to it being free, Tubi is often overlooked in the streaming war discussion, but Redditor tehlastsith considers it their 6th most used streaming platform, even over some of their paid subscriptions.

9 YouTube TV

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The vast majority of internet users are familiar with the free streaming site YouTube, but YouTube TV is a premium streaming service operated by the site which offers a wide selection of live channel feeds and on-demand content. YouTube TV makes more than 100 television networks available to subscribers. A limited time offer makes it available for $54.99/month, but its usual price is $64.99/month.

Redditor heretoredditttt was quick to point out their favoritism towards YouTube TV. They compared its setup to cable and expressed their fondness for how "you can record shows and movies that aren’t on other platforms." YouTube TV is a wonderful option for those who want a very wide selection of channels and the ability to share the subscription across many different households.

10 Cycle Through The Platforms

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With every streaming service offering unique content, add-ons and benefits, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and commit to any long-term. Luckily, the platforms give users the ability to subscribe on a monthly basis, meaning that subscription can be canceled after a short period of time, and you can try out what other platforms have to offer.

Cycling through platforms in intervals can give movie watchers the best of all worlds. By spending some time on each streaming service, subscribers can also make a better judgment on if they'd like to subscribe to certain platforms for longer. Many Redditors have fondly discussed this option online and user lightsongtheold summed it up well: "You get everything without having to pay for both at once!"

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10 Best Streaming Services, According to Reddit (2024)
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