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  • Testimonials (18)

    Daisy from Kenya

    Daisy from Nairobi, Kenya, has 4 years of trading experience under her belt.

    “FTMO changes lives, if you stick to your plan, be disciplined, and be consistent in the market. If I can do it, you can also do it. Don't give up on your dream.”

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  • Testimonials (19)

    Pepe from Netherlands

    Pepe is one of our youngest very successful FTMO Traders. At the age of 19, he had a payout of $76,000.

    "I recommend it to everyone, most people don't even believe it. I was surprised at the first Profit Split between me and FTMO. It's CRAZY."

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  • Testimonials (20)

    Mugi from mongolia

    At FTMO we have traders from almost all over the world. Mongolia is represented by our MUGI!

    “I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to recommend FTMO to traders in Mongolia as we have many good traders here!”

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    Cinthya from Ecuador

    Cynthia from Ecuador wants to own a hedge fund in the future. But now she's trading at FTMO!

    “FTMO is the key. FTMO is the first step and the most important step to continue our trading career. So let's do it!“

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FTMO Traders
are around the world

Our FTMO Traders trade across continents from nearly every corner of the globe.

Testimonials (22)

+173,000 Accounts
for serious FTMO traders

FTMO has already created more than 173,000 FTMO Accounts.

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Honoured by
Deloitte and Ernst&Young

We have solved the undercapitalization of serious traders which was continuously awarded year by year.

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Testimonials (25)

Discover your Potential
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Testimonials (2024)
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