Tornado confirmed in Coweta County, Flood Warnings continue in metro Atlanta (2024)

Cars stuck, streets flood and trees down after severe storm hits metro Atlanta

Following Tuesday night's tornado watch, a few areas of metro Atlanta were hit particularly hard. FOX 5 reporters hit the streets of College Park, Cherokee and Coweta counties in the aftermath of all the damage.

ATLANTA - It was a day of cleaning across north Georgia after a series of strong to severe storms tore through the state Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

The storms caused a few brief tornados, according to the National Weather Service, snapping trees and causing some structural damage.

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Tornado touches down near Coweta County golf course

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Coweta County during the severe storms overnight.

Coweta County tornado devastates neighborhoods

Sullivan Road used to be lined with trees that were planted 20 years ago. Tuesday's tornado flattened many of them across the roadway.

According to NWS officials, an EF0 tornado touched down Tuesday night along Sullivan Road in Coweta County.

"There was a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and in that warning we had mentioned a tornado possible because this was a very, very small feature that was associated with a broader complex of storms," said Dave Nadler, National Weather Service.

FOX 5 cameras found damage to nearby homes and fallen trees close to the site of the tornado.

According to surveying meteorologists, the tornado likely touched down in the White Oak community near Nicklaus Walk and Tillinghast Trace causing smaller trees to snap. Then moved east-northeast, snapping larger pines along the 17th hole of the golf course fairway between the White Oak and Woodstream community, It crossed Sullivan Road, as well as Pheasant Ridge and Wildflower Circle before lifting.

"My wife said, ‘What is that?’ and that was when the wind hit suddenly, I mean suddenly," said resident John Atkinson.

Up to three dozen trees were brought down by the twister that was on the ground for only two minutes. It also caused minor damage to the roofs of several homes, and pulled off siding.

Workers spent Wednesday clearing debris, cutting up felled trees, and repairing roofs.

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Crews and residents cleanup the day after an EF0 tornado tore two Coweta County subdivisions snapping trees and causing minor damage to homes on Jan. 4, 2023. (FOX 5)

Wind speeds were estimated to be around 80 mph.

"It was heavy winds, scared my wife and myself to death, it felt like the roof was coming off," said Atkinson.

Sullivan Road remains closed until at least Thursday.

Surveyors will be back out on Thursday to investigate other areas of interest in Heard, Washington, and Jefferson counties on Thursday.

Possible tornado touches down in Heard County

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A possible tornado tore through a portion of northern Heard County on the morning of Jan. 4, 2023.

Heard County emergency officials say they believe a tornado was the cause of extensive damage early Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service is investigating a path from the area near the corner of Roosterville and Caney Head road to Hollingsworth Road near Georgia Power Plant Wansley. Officials believe a tornado cut a path of destruction 10 to 12 miles long with some sections being up to three football fields wide.

Tornado confirmed in Coweta County, Flood Warnings continue in metro Atlanta (1)

Heard County officials are cleaning up after a possible tornado tore through the northern portion of the county on the morning of Jan. 4, 2023. (FOX 5)

Emergency officials believe it touched down just after 5 a.m. and headed eastward for about 15 minutes.

Hundreds of trees were downed or snapped, several structures were damaged or destroyed, and about 300 homes as well as a fire station were left without power on Wednesday.

No one was injured.

Tornado confirmed in Coweta County, Flood Warnings continue in metro Atlanta (2)

Heard County officials are cleaning up after a possible tornado tore through the northern portion of the county on the morning of Jan. 4, 2023. (FOX 5)


Flood Warnings, Flood Advisories continue in metro Atlanta

Heavy rainfall fell across north Georgia during a 24-hour period starting Tuesday evening. Two to five inches of rain were officially recorded for areas across metro Atlanta. That runoff is causing waterways to swell.

A Flood Warning is in effect for the Yellow River basin in Rockdale and Newton counties through early Saturday morning. The river is expected to crest at over 13 feet Thursday evening, flooding nearby fields and pastures, Sockwell Road could be under about 4 feet of water, a nearby playground will be underwater, and minor flooding is expected in the Riverside Estates Travel and Trailer Park.

The Chattahoochee River basin in Cobb and Fulton counties are also under a Flood Warning. The river rose above minor flood stage Wednesday afternoon and is expected to crest at just under 17 feet Wednesday evening. The river is expected to flood Lovett School, backyard of homes along Cochise Drive, Paces Ferry Drive, Paces Manor, and Farmington Drive. Walking paths along the river could be under about 3 feet of water.

The River Boardwalk Trail at the Chattahoochee Nature Center was forced to close after flood water overtook a portion of it. Photos posted their Facebook page shows the gate to the entrance closed.

Nancy Creek in Atlanta is expected to crest at just above 14 feet by Wednesday evening flooding residential yards in the area of Nancy Creek Road and Ridge Valley Court. The Westminster Schools’ athletic fields also are expected to be underwater. A Flood Warning counties for those areas.

Minor flooding is expected along Sweetwater Creek in Cobb County. The Flood Warning states the river is expected to crest Thursday evening at over 10 feet. This will likely flood several athletic fields in the Woodrow Wilson Park on Mount Vernon Road and a paintball playing field.

The Etowah River is about four feet above flood stage. A Flood Warning has been issued as a result.


A Flood Warning for Suwanee Creek in Gwinnett County could see a portion of the Suwanee Creek Greenway under up to three feet of water. Moderate flood is also expected at Suwanee Creek Park, Martin Farm Park, and George Pierce Park. Suwanee Creek Road near the Bennett Creek bridge may also see some flooding. Yards off Bend Creek Trail and Mill Creek Run could be underwater. A large portion of the playground behind the Suwanee Elementary School will also be flooded. Water will also be up to the bottom of the Martin Farm Road bridge. The river is expected to crest Wednesday evening at just 11 feet.

Big Creek is also under a Flood Warning and is expected to crest early Thursday afternoon at just under 11 feet, moderate flood stage.

Car falls into washed out Clarke County road

Several roads in Clarke County are closed Wednesday after being washed out by heavy rains and flooding.

Athens-Clarke County police say Olympic Drive between Hanco*ck Industrial Boulevard and Athena Drive is closed, as is Charlie Bolton Road between Lem Edwards Road and Smithonia Road. Emergency repair work is being conducted.

Photos shared to the police department’s Facebook page shows a white sedan teetering on opposite sides of a washed out section of the roadway. A later photo shows the car had fallen into the fissure.


Other shared photos show pavement where pavement cracked and fell in after the dirt supporting it washed away.

There were no reports of injuries.

No word on when the roads would reopen.

Heavy rainfall flood roadways in metro Atlanta

In Atlanta, heavy rain made it difficult to drive in the morning. Parts of Glenn Street in southwest Atlanta were completely flooded.

Milton police closed Lively Road due to flooding.

Flooding causes dangerous road conditions in metro Atlanta

The severe storm system dumped a lot of weather on metro Atlanta's roads, leaving the interstate and side roads with dangerous conditions.

In Johns Creek, police closed the 4600 block of Hanstedt Trace due to the roadway flooding.

Tornado confirmed in Coweta County, Flood Warnings continue in metro Atlanta (3)

Water covers the Handstedt Trace in Johns Creek on Jan. 3, 2023. (Johns Creek Police Department)

In Cherokee County, Johnson Brady Road and Bells Ferry Road near Wooten Road were shut down due to flooding. Johnson Brady Road at Canton Creek was also closed after the water rose above the banks. A video posted to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows muddy water.

Cherokee County backyard buried under water after storm

Overnight rainfall flooded several streets in Cherokee County. One family's entire backyard was swallowed by flooding waters.

In Walton County, public works officials closed several roadways due to flooding including Dean Hill Road at the corner of Alcovy Mtn Road and North Cross Lane due to flooding. Most roads have since reopened.

North Georgia cleans up after powerful storms move through

The storms that moved through Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning caused downed trees and flooding.

In Carroll County, several trees were taken down along Five Notch Road and Broad Street was partially closed due to a downed tree. A tree also fell on a house off Brock Street.

In Bartow County, Adairsville police were forced to temporarily close Manning Mill Road due to low-hanging power lines. Officials say they hope the repairs will be made by Wednesday evening.

In Polk County, emergency officials say at trees were downed along Yarborough Road, Wilson Road, and Akes Station Road.

Check back for updates and changes to the forecast as they become available from the FOX 5 Storm Team.

Tornado confirmed in Coweta County, Flood Warnings continue in metro Atlanta (2024)
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